In June, Uber will face a legal hearing with TfL to determine if it will continue to be able to operate in London. Part of the dispute, which started last September when TfL turned down Uber’s application to renew its licence to operate in London, is Uber’s “lack of corporate responsibility” in relation to public safety and security.

In March, Uber updated its app to “make it clearer” to passengers that its drivers are licensed by TfL. It has also pledged to report crimes to the police and to limit the number of hours drivers can work.

Nevertheless, on 1 May, the transport company had its licence to operate also turned down in Brighton and Hove.

The new campaign, titled “Makes Sense”, which launches on Monday, features seven films that focus on subjects such as safety features, how Uber drivers are licensed and how surge pricing works.

Uber said that each topic was identified through market research and uses a relatable profession, such as a greengrocer, a dentist and a teacher, to explain a particular feature of the Uber app in an easy to understand way.

The film above, for example, shows a diner in a restaurant who tells us about her driver before she meets him. The video highlights Uber’s driver profile feature whereby when a customer books a car through the Uber app, they receive their driver’s name, picture, rating, car make, model and colour, as well as their private hire licence number.

“We’re committed to making Uber a great experience for everyone and that’s the reason many of the features in the app exist,” James Peach, senior marketing manager at Uber, said. “This campaign aims to inform people of these features, transparently demonstrating Uber’s approach. Whether it is our commitment to safety, a greener future or offering drivers both flexibility and security.”