Outreach-Web Design

Starting From Scratch


One of the biggest issues our teams has to battle on almost a daily basis is the age old attitude of “We know it’s not the best option, but this is just how we’ve always done it.”. After twenty plus years of helping clients and causes give their marketing initiatives everything from a kickstart to complete overhauls, the first hurdle we have to clear is the collective Fear of Change that seems to permeate even the most forward thinking organizations.

When the Mosaic Web Team was asked to offer a Web Presence Evaluation for the Indianapolis based homeless youth ministry, Outreach, it quickly became apparent that although a number of Outreach staff members knew that there were major issues with the user experience of the current website, both for admins as well as site visitors, they were hesitant to make major revisions, let alone a complete redesign from the ground up.  That, however, is exactly what our team proposed.

One thing that kept coming up in our pre-production discussions was the inordinate amount of time it took on a weekly basis to maintain Outreach’s digital presence. Between the site, Facebook, Twitter, press releases, etc., it took so much time to keep up with just the basics that no one even wanted to mess with posting special event information.



Three months later, the new site was complete with all new backend capabilities that allows Outreach to easily maintain the site as the hub of their digital media marketing ministry.

Just one of the new features includes the ability to publish to the new site from any digital device that has access to the internet. Additionally, by integrating all of Outreach’s social media channels through the website, it is now possible to publish content to the Outreach website and with the push of a single button, that same content is immediately published to every social media channel without any further action.  This capability alone has saved countless hours that can be used to further the ministry.

In the end, our Web Team was able to design and develop a Digital Marketing Solution that made it possible for Outreach staff members to learn to embrace change and take full advantage of it.



Increase in Unique Visitor Traffic Within First 60 Days

92% to 36%

Bounce Rate Improvement

9.3 Minutes

Average Time Spent on Site – Up From 1.2 Seconds