Starting From Scratch


The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization that serves two-thirds of Indiana’s public and private sector fleets with the defined mission of being a single point informational and educational resource for their member fleets and their deployment of alternative fuels and technologies.

When we were first approached by the GICCC, the project they were most eager for our team to address was their website. Although the site had recently been updated by another group just a year earlier, they had failed to deliver on three very important criteria:

1. Designed per a Pre-Defined Brand Guideline
2. Developed with a Focus on UX (User Experience)
3. Deliver on the Expectations of GICCC Members

After guiding the Greater Indiana Clean Cities team through our Needs Assessment process, it became abundantly clear that GICCC needed to define their brand, learn who they were, who their members thought they were and most importantly, what their members wanted them to be.

What we discovered is that GICCC members wanted the coalition website to be more than just a site to keep them informed of upcoming events. These members wanted the site to be a digital extension of the informational resources offered by the coalition.


When the new GICCC website went live, we knew immediately that the Mosaic Web Team had hit it out of the park. Within the first thirty days, Unique Visitors increased over 3,200%. The average per-page Bounce Rate dropped from 96% to 18%. And, the average visitor Page Views rose from .07 pages per visit (all pages other than the Home Page) to an incredible 4.23 pages per visit. Additionally, the average time spent on the site increase from just three seconds to over 7.5 minutes per visit.

How did we do it? By creating a national resource that featured up-to-the-minute Alternative Fuels & Technologies news and updates that was immediately available via the GICCC website as well as across all GICCC social media channels.

When the Department of Energy or the Clean Cities Coalition in Washington, D.C. issues a new program, initiative, warning or directive, members of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition have that information within just moments of it being issued.


Building a website is easy. Building the a site that meets and exceeds the expectations of those using it…that takes a team that understands the importance of Brand Expectations.


600 %
Increase in year-over-year Unique Visitor Traffic
96 %
Bounce rate vastly improved – dropped from 96% to just 12%
Average time spent on site – Up from an average of just 13 seconds